Yogas in vedic astrology

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  • Yogas in Vedic Astrology.

Dhama Yoga When all the seven planets are present consecutively from lagna , Dhama Yoga is formed. It makes a person philosophic and philanthropic minded person. Chamara Yoga The position of beneficial planet in the lagna, which is well aspected, and the lord of the lagna is also well aspected, then chamara yoga is formed. Rajju Yoga When all the planets present in the horoscope is in the movable sign, Rajju Yoga is formed. It makes a person famous and enjoys a good fortune.

Combinations of Dhan Yoga

Ruchaka Yoga When Mars is present in his own place and in the aspect of trine to the lagna, the native have Ruchaka Yoga. It gives a person wealth, fame and victory.

Sasaka Yoga The presence of Jupiter in his own house and is in the aspect of trine to the lagna, Sasaka Yoga is formed. It blesses a person with health, wealth and good fortune. Malava Yoga The position of Venus in his own house and in the trine to the lagna, then Malava yoga is formed. This yoga is very good for the native and blesses a person with a large family, servants, and keen intellect. The native will live in poverty, though born rich and will lead to an undesirable type of life.

Please note, this is a general brief description of Yoga and their effects on the person, the detailed analysis of a complete horoscope can be judged better by the thorough analysis of horoscope, the position of benefic and the malefic planets and the aspect and transition of the planets during the major and minor periods and the sub-periods. If there are many planets posited in auspicious houses and Navamsas. The native belonging to royal family becomes victorious every where if at his birth two or more planets are endowed with Digbala. Mercury and Jupiter have full Digbala in the Bhava madhya of the first house.

Saturn has full Dlgbala in the Bhava madhya of the first house. Saturn has lull Digbala in the Bhava madhya of the 7th house. Should there be five such planets excepting Saturn or at least 4 planets possessing Digbala, even the person born in an ordinary family, becomes a king. When the Lagna and the Moon both be In Vargottama Navamsas and when the Lagna be aspected by four planets other than the Moon, the person belonging even to a low family becomes a king. Should at birth the lord of the Langa being Vargottama be posited in a kendra or Trikona and the lord being Vargottama be posited in a kendra or the 9th in his own sign or his sign of exaltation, the native will become a king who will occupy a beatiful golden vehicle on the back of an elephant, with chowries adorning the two sides.

Auspicious Yoga

When at birth the Moon is brilliant with white luster and is aspected by planet disposed in his own sign or his sign of exaltation, even the person whose legitimacy is questionable, will become a king. When the full Moon is placed in Kendra other than the Lagna the native will become a king owning elephants and horses. When at birth Venus being placed in Aswini Nakshatra occupies the Lagna and is aspected by three planets, the person concerned becomes a powerful king capable of overcoming his enemies. Should Mars be in Aries or Sagittarius identical with the lagna and be aspected by a friendly planet, the person concerned becomes a king.

Should the lord of the 9th be in the 10th and vice versa, the person born becomes a king who is extolled by all This is a very powerful Raja Yoga. Should the Sun in conjunction with the Moon be posited in the middle of Sagittarius, Saturn be occupying the Lagna and a very powerful Mars be in his sign of exaltation, the native will become an extremely valourous king who will be offered solutations out of fear by his enemies from a distance. Notes — It will be relevant to quote here Varahamihir who in his great work Brihat Jataka has specified that Saturn is capable of conferring royalty if were to rise with the ascendant identical with Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.

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If the Moon brilliant with disc resembling nectar and lotus stalk in color i. Should the Moon be brilliant and as white as milk or conch i. Should the Moon having attained Vargottamsa be aspected by a strong planet and no malefic be posited in the Lagna the person will become an emperor and possess a well formed body. When Jupiter, Mercury and Venus or the Moon are posited in 9th with brilliant rays uneclipsed and are also aspected by or associated with friendly planets, the person born will become a great king and will be worshipped by his subjects like a deity.

Should Jupiter and Venus be in Meena, Saturn be exalted, the full Moon be aspected by Mars and the Sun be in Aries identical with the Lagna, the native concerned will become a king owning a vast army by whose marching so much dust is raised that Sun becomes invisible and as a consequence the lotus flowers begin to contract under the impression that the Sun has set.

Yogas: What is Yogas and Doshas in Vedic Astrology?

Notes — This verse appears to be somewhat confusing and complicated and has led to commentators to interpret it in more than one way. The translation given above is that based on the interpretation by Shri V. Subrahmanya Shastri. According to him this is the only possible combination the author could have had in view as otherwise a full Moon in exaltation with the Sun in Aries is an impossibility, the Moon to be in exaltation, she should be placed in Taurus.

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If the Sun were to be in Aries the Moon cannot be full. In further explaining the combination Shri Shastri has said that planetary position as per his translation will be as follows:. Gaja Kesari Yoga in Vedic Astrology. Sanyasa yoga in Vedic Astrology.

RAJ YOGA in Astrology

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