Cancer tarot weekly 17 to 23

Here is your weekly tarot forecast. Read on as tarot card reader Sonia Malik shares her predictions. Aries March 21 - April 19 It will be a difficult week for you.

Remedy - Try to keep your partner happy. Remedy - Wear new, clean clothes.

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Keep a check on your money. Try to balance your relationships. You may get some good news and it is time to celebrate. Keep faith and work hard. An elder may offer you help. Remedy - Keep your head covered while stepping out of your house. If taken, you will have to face bad consequences.

You may get profit from a property. Remedy - Feed street dogs. Tags Weekly Tarot Card Reading. They will see in time that your actions are less about being impulsive and more about following your gut instincts. Be prepared for some conflict this week, Taurus, because soon enough you will find yourself embroiled in one with either your partner or your closest friends. And the reason will be your "my way or the highway" attitude.

So when that happens, pause for a second and ask yourself if the issue you feel so strongly about is even worth fighting for. Because often times we get hung up over inconsequential things and end up destroying good relationships because of our pettiness.

Cancer, you will be faced with a choice this week

Is your partner's behavior causing you to be on guard, Gemini? Almost as if they are emotionally unstable? Or is your watchfulness a sign that you are in graver danger? If you said yes, don't build a wall around yourself so people on the outside don't find out the real face of your relationship. That is the opposite of self-preservation and will only work against you.

Instead, seek out your closest friends and ask their opinion on this matter. They will help you set the situation straight or get you out ASAP. This week is going to be a great one for you, Cancer. Probably because this month's full moon on December 22nd is going to be in your sign, and will be the longest full moon of the decade.

So be prepared to feel all warm and fuzzy this holiday season as your friends and family gather around you for some merry-making and family love. Is there anything you love more than this? There isn't.

TAURUS: The Magician

Bring out the fairy lights and turn up the romantic music, Leo, because this week you will realize that when you are with your partner, you feel complete on the inside. So much that you might even be thinking of taking it all to the next level soon. Want to know another secret? This stable relationship is going to usher in a lot of financial abundance for you too.

So be thankful for this gift from the universe. Relationships are not meant to be easy dumplings, Virgo.

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But you already know that. You are a practical Earth sign, after all. Nevertheless, the time has come to take it all to the next level. That is to the level of a master. And that will require you to sharpen those relationship-building skills all over again. So are you prepared to put in the work?

The Gemini-Cancer Cusp

How you handle this final stretch will determine whether you will become a master or remain a novice at relationships. Words hurt worse and the wounds caused by them tend to fester for years, if not decades. Unless one is a monk, of course. Which we aren't. That's why we hate to be the bearer of bad news, Libra.

This week, you will find your heart shredded by callous words uttered by someone you love dearly. And the worst part will be that everything they say will be accurate, which will hurt even more. What can you do when that happens? Nothing really. You just have to let the pain run its course and learn the lesson it's trying to teach you. After all, everything happens for a reason, and that reason is always a good one. It has been creeping up on you, Scorpio, over the past many weeks now. But you chose to be blind to it. Because you were madly in love and didn't want your gut to be true.

TAURUS: Reversed Prince of Swords